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  Send now or schedule for later
Once you're happy with your new email newsletter, you can send yourself a test version, send it immediately or schedule it for delivery at another time. Using our scheduling system you can build your campaigns in advance and schedule them for delivery tomorrow, next month or any time in between, whenever they'll be most effective. Make your online marketing work for you, even when you're not at work!
  Our servers have been whitelisted
All of Raven Communicator's newsletter delivery servers have been whitelisted by many of the larger ISP's, including AOL and Yahoo! Our servers are also integrated into the spam reporting systems for other large ISP's such as Hotmail and MSN. These arrangements ensure the best chance of your emails being delivered.
  Take a load off....your own server!
Why waste your valuable time creating complicated HTML emails with Microsoft Outlook or your desktop email client only to find that you've clogged up your company's email server; or worse, have caused your server to be blacklisted or added to a spam database! With Raven Communicator, our servers do all the work so yours doesn't have to. That ought to make that grumpy IT guy happy.
  Send from anywhere, at work, at home or at the beach.
Raven Communicator is 100% web based and cross browser compliant. No complicated and clunky software that you need to download and install. You can access your Raven Communicator console from anywhere allowing you to manage your subscriber base and online marketing campaigns the world over.