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Your time is important; build email marketing campaigns in minutes using one of our ready-made newsletter templates. Select different templates for different campaigns or create your own professional HTML mailouts. Our powerful web interface is so simple to use that anyone in your organisation can design your email campaigns. Don't need a fancy template? Raven Communicator also lets you send bulk mailouts using plain text format.

No experience with email marketing? Not to worry, our simple to navigate help system is always a single click away and we've provided plenty of tips & tricks for beginners too!


Email marketing is a powerful tool in helping improve your company's bottom line. That's why Raven Communicator has an advanced mailing list management system. Our subscriber management tools allow you to define any number of custom fields for your subscriber base and target your mailouts as required, whether it be to specific geographic locations, specific gender or specific interest, we provide all the tools you need to mine your customer base for maximum profitability!

Have a new weekend promotion coming up? Our scheduling system allows you to send your mailouts with to-the-minute precision for maximum effectiveness. Reach your target market first thing in the morning, on the weekend or during the holiday season; you have complete control and superior flexibility when using Raven Communicator.

Track & Manage

Unlike traditional print based advertising, online email marketing is unique in that you can see exactly how your subscribers react to your newsletters or promotional mailouts. With Raven Communicator's class-leading reporting system you can see:

  • which subscribers opened your email
  • when they opened it
  • what aspects of your mailout they were most interested in

Why waste your time with expensive & time intensive print mailouts and letterbox drops when you can get instant feedback on your marketing collateral using Raven Communicator.

Already using a newsletter mailout software package? Not a problem! With Raven Communicator you can import your customer database from another software package, your ERP software, CRM or financial management system in minutes.


We run a business too and understand some of the challenges you face on a daily basis. From day one, Raven Communicator has been designed with businesses in mind. We've automated, eliminated and simplified where possible and have provided powerful reporting tools so you can accurately track how well your online marketing is performing.

We also understand that you may not be able to justify a dedicated marketing manager or engage a strategic marketing firm or may just be new to online marketing and don't have the time to spend learning how to create professional mailouts. That's why we've provided the resources section on our site to get you up and running quickly and easily, to ensure you get results from day one. It's in our best interest too that we make sure your online newsletter marketing is generating a return for you.