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Email Marketing & Newsletter Mailout Resources


Email is one of the most effective forms of online marketing available to you, and can be very profitable with a well implemented strategy. We provided the email & online marketing resources below, to outline the benefits of email marketing. This includes how to pitch by email to your clients and most importantly get the best results possible. Check back to this page regularly as we'll be adding new content and information for you.

  • Different Types of Email Marketing - marketing is not just selling, there are a number of objectives & benefits of email marketing that are not just selling related.
  • Raven Communicator Anti-Spam Policy - by following our simple & easy to understand antispam policy you'll ensure your email mailouts are not misinterpreted as spam by your customers.
  • Raven Communicator Privacy Policy - we believe your privacy & the privacy of your customers is of paramount importance. Our privacy policy summarises  the steps we've taken to secure your commercially sensitive & valuable data  and to protect your newsletter mailing lists.